Roly-Poly comes from designer Jung Jae Yup and is one of the most playful lamp design we’ve seen.  The project is also known as “Zen”, probably because it takes a strong meditative state for one not to be provoked into playing with this lamp. We really like this idea, even through for some people it may seem a little irritating, especially if the lamp is in motion and the light keeps fluctuating. However, when it reaches a state of balance, it emits the same type of light as any other common lighting emitting item. We found a funny review on the net that said this product is perfect for those interesting in boxing, even though it would take some pretty small fists to “manage” the tiny lamp. No matter what auxiliary use you may find for it, Roly Poly remains a cool and intriguing design, great for a room with a creative style.- via Yanko Design