The Syncline Residence was designed by Arch11 and is located near Boulder, Colorado. Its architecture is diverse and developed in consonance with the building site’s many constraints and the land use limitations. The architects had to deal with height restrictions, solar access restraints and with an uneven terrain. The large windows create a harmonious connection to the landscape. Here is some relevant information concerning this aspect from the designers: “As the entry opens to the living spaces the apertures transform in scale to reveal the expansive landscape in its entirety.  At the southwest corner thirty feet of glass retracts into the walls, dissolving the boundary between the domestic and the wild;  the living spaces are then bounded only by the uplifted cliffs beyond. Reciprocally, the native meadow to the west folds onto the garage roof providing easy outdoor access for visiting guests in the house’s guest suite.” Syncline Residence was built for a couple of professional rock climbers who wanted “a place where town life can be left behind.” Think this will do?-via Contemporist