When I first saw this exercise bike I’ve immediately told to myself “This is a damn good looking exercise bike.” Designed by Luca Scheippati and produced by Lamiflex, Ciclotte is an exercise bike that is designed to blend into the décor of the office, home, gym and the outdoor. The concept of Ciclotte was born out of the need to create a product that is an expression of contemporary life; where work and relaxation, exercise and fun inhabit the same dimensions, within fluid spaces in which all objects can interact with one another. Ciclotte is constructed with top materials like carbon, steel and fiberglass, which is ought to keep the exercise equipment lightweight and portable. The saddle of Ciclotte is ergonomic, comfortable and adjustable in three directions to facilitate the choice of twelve exercise choices.

Instead of a chain-driven system the Ciclotte uses a dual satellite epicycloids system that features four gears with varying cogs. Thus the bike doesn’t have a traditional drive train, and instead has gears that turn the magnetized main wheel, in turn creating a magnetic field and thus maximizing the level of resistance. Ciclottle will be launched in the UK at the 100% Design Show from 23-26 September 2010 at Earls Court, London.Finally I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t mind having this workout equipment in your living room, even when you’re not actually using it! For further information, please visit www.ciclotte.com