With only a month left until Venice Architecture Biennale 2010, Theresa Simon & Partners and Flint PR have launched a Venice Architecture Biennale iPhone app. Biennale App will guide you around the labyrinthine alleys and canals of Venice to find exactly what you are looking for at the world’s greatest architecture event. Theresa Simon decided to develop the app from firsthand experience. “You have to walk everywhere, you get lost because it’s a complete maze – it’s a logistical nightmare. Your time there is at a premium… so we’ve condensed all the information you need so you don’t waste any time.” The screen is divided between a map and a scalable information panel you can expand and minimise. If you click on the Pavilions tab and select one from the list, a title-marker appears on the map. Finally if you want to try the app on your onw iPhone/ Ipad you can download it for free from here. Finally do you plan to go to Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 ?