Juranda House comes from Apiacás Arquitetos and is located in Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The residence has 150 square meters and is a fascinating display of comfort, traditional design and cost efficiency. The architects tried to keep the construction budget to a minimum and ensure a great indoor-outdoor connection by making the building as transparent as possible. You have the house sketches for the ground floor, the first level and the roof in the photos below in case you are interesting in taking a closer look at the building plans.As for the construction materials, the architects stated that “the house is given structure by steel reinforced concrete cast on site with the slabs in prefabricated concrete remaining visible after construction. All of the brickwork is in ceramic blocks covered with a white render. We opted to put all of the house’s infrastructure on the lowest floor, making use of the nature slope, this includes: a water cistern, boiler and sewage treatment system.” We challenge you to let us know what you think of the interior design of this residence and if there are any items that you consider intriguing.