Sweeping, dynamic and asymmetrical lines and bold structural design: KINZO’s boardroom conference table for the management board of Ernst & Young is a bespoke furniture that you won’t see anywhere else. This table seems to change its looks from every angle you look at it: Depending on your perspective, it could remind you of a starship, a deep-sea ray or a hydrofoil. Especially the asymmetrical lines enable an optimal use of space and make a significant contribution to an inspiring atmosphere in meetings. KINZO achieved ample legroom for 15 persons so no one will bump into the table legs – simply because there are no table legs. KINZO has taken a principle from structural engineering by fixing the table’s structure on a circular beam: the inner ring supports the cantilevered table surfaces.

Starting from the “heavyweight” chairman’s position, the table looks increasingly lighter and airier in connection with the opposing panoramic windows – a playful take on statics that creates a very dynamic vibe: In this way, the conference table reminds you of a rocket that is just about to take off – and break directly through the glass front. Four flush-mounted “media tanks” swallow unsightly cables and provide power and network access for laptops and other devices. Good news for cost-conscious design fans: Exclusive individuality, style and optimised functionality didn’t cost a fortune. – Thanks Daniela Kramer for the suggestion.