We know you guys love original design lists, so  here is one featuring 25 of the most uncommon radiators ever created. Whether we are talking about picket fences, flowers or paper clips, who says these objects can not achieve different meanings in order to become amazing decorative elements with a well defined functionality? Without further ado, here are the 25 radiator we chose for this incredible display:

Fences and gates may not rank high when it comes to using a source of inspiration for a product, especially if that product is a radiator. Lucy Merchant obviously disagrees, since she created this great looking Picket Fence Radiator as a part of her project called “Common Series”. We don’t know if the gate in the second picture can be opened, but the knob sure looks authentic.

When I first looked at these radiator designs, they reminded me of piano keys, due to their elegance and the color palette used. But after a little research it appears that these bimetallic sheets were meant to resemble flower petals. The Flowering Radiator comes from designer Kayleigh Metcalf and is a great addition for a stylish living room.  -via Yanko Design

There are few those who do not love dominoes. The Twist Radiator belongs to designer Marco Dessi and its overall look acts as a reminder of the domino tiles. But this particular product has a completely different catch. The plates can be moved in any position by the user and this way its shape can change constantly.

The Modulo Radiator by Anna Gotha is said to be “always on the go”. This unusual portable radiator has a special system that enables it to be placed anywhere the user desires. Being given that it is a modular product, one can simply take a section, warm their hands with it and then place it back on a different wall. Creating models and patterns couldn’t be more simple and this can also help with the overall room design.

Here is a very cheerful item that can fit very well in the room of a bachelorette. This Flower Radiator is said to remind one of summer, through its design as well as through the heat it provides. The colorful daisies are made from aluminum and they manage to hide the heating system so well  that when not in function, you could hardly tell that this is a real radiator.

The Heatwave Radiator was inspired by the design of artful front gates  and features an interesting flower pattern with a simple color palette. It fits great in any classic room, provided that it has a minimalist design. You can find this model online at Droog

The Rock and Roll radiator by Karim Rashid is an original product in the shape of a stack. We have to admit, we like the colorful version more than the gray one, as it seems to be able to brighten up a space and make it alive. The monochrome radiator however is more versatile and can complement modern furniture, no matter how flashy and ostentatious this may be.

This particular radiator is such an incredible piece that it can take one minutes to watch it and not get enough. This could come in handy when having nothing better to do at home. This minimalist radiator is called Zero Otto and belongs to Francesco Lucchese who designed it for Antrax. Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand with this item which can be integrated in a modern interior bringing a plus of style and coziness.

It took me a while to realize where I have seen this type of design before. After all, it is not every day adults play with lego pieces. This amazing Lego Radiator comes from Scirocco and brings a playful look, even if some models are monochromatic. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. these heaters can completely turn around the way a room looks, not to mention how it feels.

Everyone likes dice. Whether they are in a game, in a car or inside the living-room, they are able to create that special “gaming atmosphere ” which most people crave for. This interesting looking Dice Radiator was designed by Andrea Ramponi and is composed of black and white individual dice that can be stacked or placed next to each other in order to make the room a little more playful. -via Trendir

Colorful paper clips are a “must have” when you are a pupil or a student. They are the ones that can keep things in order while also giving the classes a friendly feel. These incredible Paper Clip Radiators turn a common interior into a highly original one while their colors have the tendency of making a room extremely cheerful.-via Scirocco

The Oreste and Emma Radiators were created by Andrea Crosetta for Antrax and have an original design idea behind it. Available in a variety of colors, these radiators have a “human” feel, even though they may seem to let out a lot more heat than most people do. They can be integrated in a work studio or a room with a strong personality.

The Digit Radiator from Caleido was created by James Di Marco and it has a playful design given by the chaotic digits of different sizes and by the vivid colors. This radiator fits great in a room with a minimalist and modern design where it could become the focal point.

It is true that all paintings let out an amount of warmth, but we assure you the ones in the two images below emit a lot of it. These beautiful Painting Radiators from Climastar are not just for the art lovers, but for anyone interesting in bringing a little originality into their crib. Featuring landscapes, flowers or abstract ideas, these items make for a great interior addition.

Here is an interesting looking spiral to take over traditional radiator designs. Calorisfero from Deltacalor combines looks with function and is great furniture addition for any contemporary interior. With its unusual and dynamic shape, this radiator seems especially produced to attracting attention.

The Cut Radiator has a pretty suggestive name which its design seems to obey by. The idea comes from Caleido Design and it has “cuts” from place to place, perfect for drying towels. The openings create an unusual look and a very stylish one as well. This radiator is produced in a variety of colors and you can get some purchasing information here.

Ciussai Radiator from Adhoc is a highly original radiator design to have in your interior. This hose-like product fits great in a studio or in a work room with plenty of metallic things around. A hallway would also be enriched by this type of item. Its versatile shape allows its user to arrange it anyway he wants.

Tiki Radiator from Ad-Hoc is a suspended cylindrical heater which ranks very high in design elegance. This radiator will ensure a large amount of heat while in the same time act like a very interesting house decorating object. It can easily be installed on the ceiling and it has a height if 1,8 meters.

The Supratherm Radiator is definitely an original way to keep a room warm. Designed by the The German company Sprinz, this modern heater is composed of a very thing panel made of glass. Even though this item is as powerful as any other common radiator, it definitely has an improved look.

If you are a fan of simple and minimalist design, here is an elegant radiator that inspires just that. This unusual T.B.T. Radiator was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Tubes and is a great addition for a tasteful living room or bathroom. The design is available in a variety of sizes and colors, all you have to do is choose the right model for your interior.

We featured this highly interesting Radiator Harp a while ago on Freshome. If you missed it then, here is a chance to look at it closely.  The project is called “Adagio” and can be found at Carisa. The producers describe this item as “a symphony in stainless steel, harmonious and moving, yet timeless. A radiator to stir your spirit. A radiator that is beyond any imagination.” Do you agree with their description?

This playful radiator comes from designer Florent Cuchet and can be integrated in an unconventional room for ensuring a warm and homey atmosphere. The Bouille’hot Heater looks like a huge water bottle and the cool thing about it is its versatility. This object can be placed randomly on the floor or on a wall to make the room a better place to live in.

Montecarlo is yet another interesting product from  Tubes which has a great design and a double functionality. This radiator not only keeps the room warm and cozy, but also has a built in storage space for placing towels that need to dry up. We find it to be an inspiring bathroom idea, don’t you?

Here is a design that can act both as a heater and a home divider. The Screen Radiator is produced by Scirocco and is an elegant, free standing item which features and interesting flower pattern. The radiator is built from stainless steel and comes in three color versions. For more information about prices and shipping, you can contact the producers.

Here is a highly original idea that may seem incredibly obvious, yet no one ever thought of making a heater out of letters that spell “hot” before. We really like this HOT Radiator, as it can totally brighten up a place. – via Unplggd