The “Shape and Form” Wallpaper Collection was designed by Graham & Brown and its innovation consists in the use of various geometric shapes which create interesting textures and sometimes a 3D feel. Here is the official description of the project from Graham & Brown: “We wanted to push the boundaries and create a dramatic, masculine collection that plays with perceptions conjuring optical effects to offer homeowners a dimensional alternative for decorating walls.” The wallpaper designs in this collection are very diverse, therefore suited for a wide range of interiors. The color pallete ranges from dark hues to vivid and fresh ones creating a fun and lively set. Mixing matte with gloss and metallic finishes, the wallpaper have an uncommon feel while the user will surely take a closer look in order to check out the patterns and figure out how the optical illusions form. If you think this sort of wallpaper could improve the way your home looks, you can find more information about purchasing here. -via +MOOD