Jakob Bader Architecture have completed this small but very smart house design in Munich-Unterfoehring, Germany. Even though it features some “green” technologies, such as a geothermal pump and air ventilation systems, “House V” is not looked at as sustainable project, but more as a smart one with a low maintenance costs.  The home does not have an indoor garage, but features a very original covered parking spot. Its red exterior makes it stand out and creates a fascinating contrast with the environment. Here is more information on the design plans from the architects: “The living spaces are to the north enclosed on three sides by glass and outside by the garden. Here the planning of the house becomes obvious. The open living room, kitchen and dining spaces are arranged like a Basilica with the kitchen at the centre, the high alter of our time. The main bedroom and hidden terrace directly above the living room in the loft, are reminiscent of a winter-garden: from the bed one can observe the starry night sky, snow flakes or aeroplanes“.