There are few activities as relaxing and stimulating as reading. Those who enjoy it so much usually have their own special reading corner within their crib, a place where they like to get lost in the fascinating words of who knows what authors. What you see in the photos below is a combination between a comfortable chaise-longue and a shelving system, creating the “Recamier Reading Corner” from designer Inbar Paradny Kalomidi. With this type of furniture item, reading will seem more intense than ever, as the ergonomics of this design ensures maximum body comfort and a high level of concentration. The uncommon reading corner looks perfect for the living room and when it is not in use by one of the passionate “readers” within the home, it can serve as a regular sitting item. With the shelves near by, all of the user’s favorite books are easy to reach and so are other items that can be used during reading intermissions.- via HomeQn