Some time ago we had this amazing project on Freshome featuring a Floating Car Illusion which we’re sure most of you remember. Here is a similar idea from Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson, graduates of the Chelsea School of Art and Design. “Anamorphic Typography” is the name of their final school project and it features some uncommon installations that can only be read when standing in a certain point within the location. This is a very interesting graphic design project that we think can be applied to interior design. For example let’s analyze the possibility of a message or a brand name written on the walls of a club or an art studio. It could work, don’t you think? If we were to take this idea even further, such a message could be “engraved” in an unconventional room in a private home. We will ask you the same question as we did in the Floating Car post and that is “what would you have written on the walls of your home ?” (in case some of you would actually go for a thing like this). There is a video uploaded too, be sure to check it out!