Edward Suzuki Associates is an architecture company from Japan whose latest works include this impressive home. EDDI’s House was named after the nickname of one of the architects and is said to be located in a very harsh environment. This is why this project is not about connecting the home with its exterior, but rather emphasizing on the interior. Here is more official information: “The design concept is “Go in to go out,” meaning that the house has an outside patio at the center of the house onto which each and every room looks out. Furthermore, a balcony is placed above and adjacent to the central patio overlooking it such that this combination of open spaces creates an “interface” between the outside proper and the inside that acts a filter, a buffer, or a cushion between the two zones.” The large and spacious interiors all pointing to the inner patio make up for the unfriendly environment, turning this project into an isolated but extremely elegant crib.