Sustainability and green technologies have taken over the world of design lately as more and more projects develop with these new concepts in mind. The Fab Lab House comes from Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and is a great example of eco-living. This Madrid-based project generates three times the energy it consumes and also houses an orchard in order to produce food. The shape of this house was dictated by its purpose: a sustainable, self-sufficient construction whose “form follows energy”. All the characteristics of its environment were carefully studied and taken advantage of, such as the wind or the solar rays. This house is currently available for sale, with prices starting from 45.000 € for the smallest model.

Here are some inspiring words from Vicente Guallart, Director of the IAAC:  “Buildings must be like trees, which are self sufficient, and must follow natural principles. Rather than built, the project was manufactured, as digital manufacturing machine tools (known as 3D printers) were used in the construction process. This process partakes on the humanistic idea, advocated by Guallart, that things must be again produced in cities. Says Guallart “We produced our solar house with researchers, in accordance with medieval principles: the designer and the builder are the same person.”- via Arch Tracker