It has been a while since we’ve presented a residence that was especially designed to fit in a crowded urban environment. Bernal Heights Residence was completed by SB Architects in San Francisco and is a display of modern living at its best. This home’s architecture was inspired by the features of the neighborhood within which it was built. For example the bay windows and the inset entries were especially created in order to ‘align” the building’s design to the trends in the area. Still, the architects stated that their approach in developing this house was a modern and original one, while still respecting the requests of the environment.

Here is more information regarding the interior design plan from the architects : “The naturally sloping site inspired the idea of a focal stair core wrapped by private areas and topped by a dramatic skylight, bathing the interiors in natural light and forming a direct link between through the private spaces on the entry level  and the upper-level public spaces. The central stair core also creates a strong vertical wall on the exterior, resulting in a composition quite different than the typical horizontal layering of living spaces. The corner location and internal organization of space created an exterior expression that broke free of horizontal restraints to create a blend of horizontal and vertical lines, punctuated by a strong cantilevered roof.”– via Contemporist