Have you ever noticed the luxury log cabins that celebrities own? The rustic fireplaces, and the exposed timber makes you want to pack up and go stay for just one night! Even though it’s summer, architectural details and interior rustic design are great sources to grab cozy home inspiration for your home. The season doesn’t matter, when you love the home you’re in, right?

ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS: Rustic architectural details are all about exposed materials that would be found in nature. Large timber structural beams, that soar overhead brings the outdoors in. Large boulders and river rock used for fireplaces and accent walls bring in a sense of strength and warmth. Natural stone and rock are great rustic materials which keep warmth in, in the winter, and stays cool to the touch during the summer. Large windows and doors that bring in views, add the feeling of being out in nature, without having to leave your couch.

DÉCOR: Rustic décor doesn’t only have to include antlers above the fireplace mantel! Luxury cabins use materials that evoke nature and the wilderness. Pine cones, baskets, woven materials, and native materials of the mountains are very popular. Replace your glass and breakable vases with hearty metals and woods vases and containers. Natural color palettes of browns, greens, rust, and golden oranges and yellows will bring the rustic appeal of ‘roughing it’ into your cozy home.

FURNITURE: Your furniture should reflect your style, and what is comfortable for you. Rustic furniture made from logs and native wood is popular in luxury cabins. Remember, rustic doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. Large pillowed sofas, amongst natural wood, and fibers are still rustic and shows off your interpretation of natural and organic. In large homes, a family style dining room table coupled with wood benches, and large timber chairs are little upkeep and show-off perfectly.

KITCHENS/BATHROOMS: In these rooms rustic details can really come to life. Kitchen countertops made from marble, granite, wood butcher block or concrete are considered standard in luxury homes. In your home, use the same materials, or opt for more affordable choices that mimic the real thing. Consider using man made solid surfacing or lower grade natural materials. In the bathroom, shower and tub enclosures can be formed from the same natural rock as the fireplace. Sinks and faucets can add rustic appeal by using integral sink and countertops. Copper, Bronze, and Pewter fixtures come in rustic styles for shower, sink, and lighting to all match. Fixture manufacturer’s have rustic material options beyond your imagination.

Your home can have rustic styling that feels natural and comfortable, or daring and adventurous. Whichever is your style, rustic details can bring nature and luxury together, effortlessly in your home.