The garage is one of the most overlooked areas on the front façade of a home. The curb appeal of a home is based largely on how the entire home looks, not just the front door. From trash cans, kid’s toys, and lawn bags, the garage can often be treated like the back of the house.  Here are some ways to bring modern aesthetics o your garage, and increase the curb appeal to your entire front of your home.

ORIGINALITY: Garages surprisingly come in other choices than painted metal! The sky is the limit from wood, to windows, to frosted paneled windows. Garage doors should show off the unique style of your home. Modern homes tend to have strong geometrical lines and horizontal detailing. Choose a garage door that will mimic these same qualities. Window cutouts can be rectilinear, or follow the lines of the main home. Custom garage doors can be designed by local artisans or chosen from custom garage door manufacturers.

EXTERIOR DETAILS: The same techniques for softening the hardscape at the front door, is similar for the garage. Use planters of flowers, and low shrubbery and landscaping to give visual interest to frame around the garage.  Decorative stone can also accentuate the visual appeal. Flagstone and brick are natural visual materials which add texture and depth.  Choose colors and materials that blend with the rest of the home. Consider using these same materials at the front entry. This will tie the two elements together visually, and boost your home’s curb appeal instantly.

LIGHTING: Exterior lights or ‘carriage’ lights act as sconces on either side of the garage door.  These lights can illuminate the driveway, or provide ambiance and illuminate the immediate area. Soffit down lights can be installed to shine down above the eave for lighting onto the garage door itself. When choosing a garage door with frosted glass, remember that the lighting you provide inside the garage will set the tone for these windows to beautify your home. Task lighting inside the garage and ambient lighting could be used to achieve the exterior glow of the glass.

ORGANIZATION INSIDE: Don’t forget about the interior of your garage! Garage organization is just as important as organization inside your home.  In many ways, garage storage is challenging if you still want to park your car inside. For successful organization solutions, monopolize on vertical height of all available walls. Home improvement stores have a variety of choices, and professional garage organizers can help you achieve the look and storage you need.  Assess your uses for your garage, and declutter before you start to organize it. The task will be less daunting when you only organize what you use and need.

Your garage is an integral part of your home. The interior details as well as the exterior one’s can make your garage highlight the rest of your home! Apply these modern details to your garage, and you just might spend more time outside, then in your home.