This stylish and highly functional apartment was redesigned by ?tefan Laz?r, a Romanian interior designer and real estate specialist. The loft is located in Timisoara, Romania and represents a family gift for their son. Decorated on a small budget, with a lot of interesting objects which the designer knew they were “on sale’, we consider this crib to be quite inspiring. Some of the items, such as the kitchen and living furniture pieces were custom made. Highly functional, the decorating items have well defined roles and make good use of the available space. The ergonomic chair in the “office room” and the elegant glass table are just some of the objects bought on sale. As you can see, they create a practical and cozy work environment. The bedroom spells “intimacy” and is enriched by the unusual looking chandelier. We particularly like the “bar” area and the futuristic white chairs (also purchased on affordable prices) which brighten up the whole space. Tell us what you think. – Pictures got from Stefan, but he asked us to credit  : Casa si Gradina & Erstudio