Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil recently had a mansion constructed for their family in Florida. This new project costed the couple $20million (£13.9million) and a lot of neighborhood racket. An aquatic wonderland, this 9,825 square feet home is also located in the proximity of the ocean. Its exact location is on Jupiter Island, where some of the wealthiest stars live. The miniature water park includes two pools, two water slides and a small river with a generated current in order to carry the water around, which makes the total water amount needed for the system to work equal to 500,000 gallons. Apparently the construction of the house brought some serious complains from the community, as the construction of this system led to a drought on the island. The residence houses eight bedrooms, an underground garage, a large wardrobe and a gym. We are looking forward to your impressions on this post.- via Daily mail

the construction site, photo by Alex Boerner