In every neighborhood there lies the playful competition between neighbors.  Whether it’s over the lawn, the house, or who just bought a new riding lawnmower.  The exterior of your home is the showcase of the neighborhood. The average neighbor won’t ever come into your home, but they know what house is yours by the exterior.  Here are some ways to add exterior home details that will improve your home’s aesthetics and your ego!

LANDSCAPE & BUILDING LIGHTING: Have you ever driven through a neighborhood in the evening that has beautiful landscape and building lighting? Up and down lighting or wall washer lights give homes a dramatic effect that transforms the ambiance of your home. Carriage lights and wall sconces can also make your garage and front entry look inviting and warm. Similarly, landscape lighting can illuminate bushes, trees, ponds, and exterior amenities that normally would get lost in the dark.

MAILBOXES: Ground mounted and wall mounted mailboxes can come in a variety of architectural styles and varieties. Choose one that fits with the style of your home, as well is maintenance free.  Many mailboxes require constant painting, and upkeep.  For wall mounted mailboxes, pick a size that is adequate for mail and can easily be reached. Check with your home owner’s association to see if there is a standard in your neighborhood.

ADDRESS NUMBERS: From the illuminated, ground mounted versions to the stone carved ones, address numbers are a unique way to set your home apart from the others. Consider using custom address numbers made from local artisans in your area.  Plaques can also say the family name along with the address.  Remember to stand at the street before mounting numbers permanently. Make sure they are visible, and they are large enough to make a statement, but are not overpowering of your front entrance.

ENTRY LIGHTING:Walkway lights add ambiance and safety leading to the front of your home. Solar lights are inexpensive and quick, but tend to cast a bluish light.  Consider having exterior lighting hardwired to your home’s electrical system.  Permanent walkway lighting tends to cast a softer amber glow, and looks more natural amongst landscaping.

WALKWAY/DRIVEWAY: Change up the usual concrete with colored concrete and/or pavers.  Cobble stone and slate walkways are a decorative way to add color and texture to your front entrance.  If you have a landscaped area adjacent to the walkway, small plantings and grass can be planted amongst stepping stones to soften the hardscape.  Driveways with similar color coordinating brick as the home are a nice way of tying the home and entry together.
When decorating your home remember to start with the exterior. You may forget about it when you’re inside your home, but your neighbors do not.