Town@HouseStreet is the name of a new and really interesting concept: turning a vacant and useless shop space into modern accommodation. This way the building regains its utility and the former shop owners become something similar to hoteliers. Italian architect Simone Micheli was asked during Milan design week to redesign four such spaces and you can see the results in the pictures below. These four suites located in a commercial center in Milan are completely automatized.  Even though this particular project is highly glamorous and probably not for everyone to afford, we salute the idea of redesigning vacant shop spaces and expect more similar makeovers in the future.

Here is more from the designer: “My interior architecture project should transmit, uniqueness, strong identity, incredible interconnection with the urban system, leaving out all known stereotypes. Therefore I have created extremely evocative places, practical, intriguing, capable to become veritable manifests, a new way of thinking the world of hospitality, a new way to conceive the relation between receptivity dimension and the city. In this project the metropolitan connective external spaces considered as hotel corridors, penetrate into the buildings confined spaces transforming the perception.”-via Karmatrendz