This magnificent mountain home belongs to Spanish architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales and is located in Canejan, Catalonia, Spain. Its surrounding environment is absolutely breathtaking, as the house stands on a high spot, having visibility over two spectacular valleys. We do not know if it’s the mist or the winter landscape, but this residence seems cut and pasted from a movie or a fairytale. Here is further information from the architects: “By preserving the original structure and doing a minimal yet contrasted intervention, the idea is to generate new and contemporary spaces for living, respecting the historic envelope. On the basement of the house, and responding to a structural weakness of a section of the existing wall, a big opening is shaped within the dry stone wall.  Such opening permits amazing views and interior natural lighting to a second living and dining room; the rest of spaces accommodated within the old enclosure have a remnant sense of the old construction, although they are distributed according to new ways of living, in a more contemporary reading of architecture.