Tuscan décor and details are elements inspired from Tuscany, Italy. The richness of tones and colors, reflect earth tones and deep hues of nature. The traditional old world décor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a much sought after style in homes today.  Textured walls, stone flooring, and tile roofing are some of the true details that stem from rich Italian tradition.  Here are ways to bring Tuscan inspired details into your home.

WALLS: Limestone and sandstone were the original wall material for traditional Tuscan homes. To achieve this textured feeling in your home, use plaster, stucco, dry wall compound and faux wall techniques.  Walls should appear weathered, old and well lived in.

FLOORING: Marble, stone, and rustic tile materials are native to Tuscan interiors.  Flooring that feels worn, yet sturdy and beautiful is what you’re trying to achieve.  Consider using terracotta and cobble stone flooring in courtyard entrances, and foyers to welcome guests into your home.  Tuscan floors look like they can be around for generations to come.

COLORS: Use colors that are inspired by nature such as: deep oranges, golden yellows, and umber browns. Have you heard of the color Tuscan red? This rust colored red/brown combination along with deep olive green is a way to bring the Tuscan feel into your home. Use in furniture, paintings, drapery, bedding and wall applications.

KITCHENS: Use open shelving and decorative Mediterranean inspired containers for utensils. Tuscan tradition involves the family gathering around the kitchen and cooking family-style meals.  A large center island made of wood or other natural materials brings the richness of tradition to reality.

BATHROOMS: Rod iron details such as plumbing fixtures, cabinetry door pulls and ornamental wall decorations brings in rustic attention to detail.  Use large mirrors over the vanity adorned with metals and wood borders to layer the metal and wood theme throughout the room.  Deep soaking tubs and natural stone and tile showers create an Italian retreat

FURNITURE: Stenciling and hand painted motifs are common in Tuscan décor. Painted murals, leaves, grapes, and painted effects can bring a plain piece of furniture alive. To transform your furniture, do it yourself Fresco (paint and plaster) kits are available at craft stores.  Use Italian inspired stencils on wood furniture, or use faux distressed paint to give an aged look to your furniture.

Tuscan décor is relaxing and reminiscent of Italian styles and traditions. Your home can have this same feeling with these simple ways to bring Tuscan details into your home.