In every room there is ‘hidden’ space that we never think about. Hidden space is the key to successful organization, storage and having room to live! Kid’s rooms are the ideal room to find these hidden spaces. If your kids could have fun in their room AND store lots of stuff, wouldn’t that be ideal?

WALLS: Vertical space is an area that we forget about. Your upper walls have just as much square footage as the lower walls. This means if you can use shelving, vertical organizers, and vertical toy bins, floor space can be maximized.

TOY STORAGE: Determine what items your kid’s have. If a lot of small pieces and parts is a hassle, consider clear, see-through bins that your kids can see. Do your kid’s have large toy’s that don’t fit in bins? Consider using closet floors, or shelving installed low on walls for little hands to reach.

DESKS: We often think of desks as the place to get homework done, and that’s it.  Desks are a prime real estate for storage, display, and function. Consider getting desks that have a hutch on top, for displaying collectibles, and books. Desks that have drawers are good for storage of school supplies, and small nick knacks.

BEDS: Storage in drawers and book shelves is popular in kid’s beds. Consider loft-style beds that allow storage and furniture to go under the bed. This concept is popular in college dormitories, and now in homes. Bunk beds are still a great option, because they free up floor space and allow for more sleeping area.

CLOSETS: Take an inventory of what items are stored in the closet. Is it clothes, toys, books, and unused items? Before you tackle the storage, declutter your closets. They should be free of items that will not be used again. Use under-bed storage bins for out of season clothing.  This will allow for more space in the closet and storage for everyday used items.

FURNITURE: Chairs and seats with casters are great hidden storage places. They provide seating and by lifting the seat cushion, organization. Consider visiting retail stores that specialize in organization for kids. IKEA, The Container Store, Pottery Barn, Target, and many other retailers have ideas that we haven’t thought of yet!

DISPLAY AREA: Kids will always have ‘stuff’! Kids have school crafts, awards, and sports memorabilia, consider using decorative display items to help show them off. Bulletin boards have come a long way from the traditional wood borders. Today there are fabrics and stylish materials, which go with your kid’s décor and hold everything from pictures, to charge an IPod!  Cable wire hanging systems are a modern way to display art work without using tacks and nails. Kids can change out their own artwork, and the room still looks clutter-free. Help your kids help themselves by using some of these hidden storage ideas for their rooms.