Freshome is proud to present an unusual project design meant to cheer up our readers and perhaps bring the spirit of the weekend closer. Blackbox is a gaming club located in Timisoara, Romania, in one of the city’s major commercial centers, and the city from where people behind Freshome are located 🙂 . Its original design comes from Parasite Studio, a Romanian architecture firm. The biggest challenge of the location was having to deal with unwanted metal frames which the team eventually integrated in the overall design. Blackbox is a futuristic place with a highly original decor, where lighting has a major role and creates games of its own.

Here is some interesting information concerning the name of the project: “The design proposal started from generating a completely black box, as well as a shape and as a concept, an abstract space that doesn’t breathe towards the outside world but keeps locked within the memory of events. Therefore the existing windows become showcases for exhibiting and communicating towards the outside, a sort of dynamic information screens. In the first design concepts we tried to cover and hide the existing structure, then tried to ignore it but came to realize that the best solution is to integrate the structure within the general interior design and to multiply it as a deformed projected image on the perimeter walls.”- Parasite Studio