We know you are used to seeing articles about interior design & architecture on Freshome, but today we decided to spice up our posts and present something different, but intriguing nevertheless ( tell us if you like to see this kind of stuff from time to time ). British designer Thomas Heatherwick has created a design alternative for London’s iconic Routemaster bus together with The Wright Group. The famous double-decker will be out on the London streets by 2012. We also know that it uses the latest in green technology and lightweight materials. Here is a statement from London’s mayor, Boris Johnson: “This iconic new part of our transport system will cut emissions, and give Londoners a bus they can be proud of, complete with cutting edge design, and the freedom of an open platform.”  This project is very much related to design- just not in the way you guys got used to- which is why we are very interested in finding out your opinions on this new type of approach.-via Dezeen