De Meza + Architecture + Interiors created this beautiful bathroom pattern for San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010. You are probably all familiar with the tile trends lately and the interiors one could create by mixing the right ones together. However, we believe the pictures below bring so much originality to the niche that we just had to share them. You are looking at an elaborate design with a few surprise elements where nothing is left to chance: “Instead of trying to recreate the past by using black and white porcelain tile, we created a custom glass mosaic pattern that is truly unexpected. We started with the back wall of the shower, drawing inspiration from a photo of a French staircase that used tiled words on the risers. Taking that idea a step further, we envisioned a ticker tape effect repeating a message spelled out in pixelated type.” We particularly liked this message and the fact that the floor tiles were especially chosen to create the feeling of movement.