The spectacular “Alligator House” comes from buildingstudio, a team with an impressive portfolio from LA. Its design really stands out, as the facade resembles the shape of an alligator head. The place was built in order to help some of the Katrina refugees. Here is a specialized description from the architects: “This 13-ft. wide home is based on a common typology in the New Orleans area: the “Single”, meaning a one-family shotgun residence designed to fit the long narrow lots typical in the City. Metal grate steps stretch across the front of the house for casual sitting while visiting with neighbors.” ”

The street-facade is clad in translucent white insulated plastic panels which are backlit to provide indirect lighting both for the exterior and interior living area. The second bedroom has a rolling wall along the hallway to open it up when privacy is not a concern. While considered low-cost, the budget still allows for engineered hardwood flooring and ceramic tile in the bathrooms. Exterior walls and roof are clad in factory-painted, preformed metal siding for ease of maintenance”. Don’t you find it inspiring to see a social project done well?