To be honest until now I’ve never wanted a sleeping bag so badly in my entire life. The Shark Sleeping Bag or ChumBuddy by Kendra Phillips is an amazing 7 foot long monstrous plush shark which can also double as a sleeping bag. I mean seriously, what else could you ask for? The Shark Sleeping Bag by Kendra Phillips lets you ease off to dreamland comfortably within the grasps of a stuffed shark’s jaws. ChumBuddy was originally 100% hand sewn and was made from fleece and felt. It’s actually filled with around 30 pounds of poly-fill, and thus far making shipping a bit of an issue. Unfortunately you can only get yourself a ChumBuddy to sleep with if you live in the continental United States. He only travels by ground due to his weight and size, but the shipping is free. You can get one from here.