Some of the showrooms we saw in Milan were just so inviting, that we just had to go in and take a closer look. Michael was particularly drawn to the Fokas Fiber showroom which could be easily observed from far away due to the cool changing colors embedded in the furniture. We spent at least a quarter of hour there, enjoying the way the sofas, chairs and even carpets changed colors. The technology used to create this designs is fiber optics. Here are a few words from the official web page of the producers: “Fiber optics may be good for the internet, but it is also very eye-catching in furniture. One of a kind sexy sofa that you have never seen before. Fokas Fiber is the only company in the world to produce them and had its worldwide debut in Dubai at the Index 2006 show. Fokas is a Greek company based in Thessaloniki and has been around for 35 years.”  Don’t forget to check out the video in order to see how the system works. Would you go for this type of furniture or do you consider it to be too flashy?