This was one of my personal favorite bathtubs at Mlan Furniture Fair this year. Sure, it’s a matter of taste, subjective thinking and seeing it live. The bathtub was placed in a very opulent environment, however I would see it more in a simple, stone themed bathroom with as many natural decorative elements as possible. Again, this is all about personal taste. Still, I would like to launch a challenge for you. As a response to this post, we would like to see where you guys think this bathtub fits better? If you want, you can give as a succinct version of your idea, but we would like to see elaborate, original and even out-of-this-world descriptions regarding the most suitable interior.

You have one week to post your comments, at the end of which we will add a P.S. to this post, saying which answer we liked best. Looking forward to your reply.

P.S. Thanks everyone for commenting. We have to go with Mike, his answer was very relevant.