As some of you already know, we were recently in Milan checking out the latest in design trends. And it’s been a busy week in which we gathered plenty of information and took gigabytes of pictures. This means we are packed full with ideas and looking forward to share them with you guys. One of the events we attended was the unveiling of the new Home collection by Versace. Laura Varani was kind enough to give us the tour of the Versace showroom located in Gianni Versace’s former home in Milan.

“La Nuit Chair” by Versace

We took a few pictures in order to be able to cover the event on Freshome. The collection features several key products which were placed in themed interiors within the showroom.

“The Ice Room” by Versace

Here is a press release entitled “Funked Up New Classics” and signed by Donatella Versace that sums up the collection’s main interest points: “The Home collection is 21st century Versace, reflecting on its own history, presenting a strong collection for contemporary living. The house’s Signature “Vanitas” chair, designed by my brother Gianni in 1994, has been reinterpreted becoming lighter and more ethereal. Print and colour are key. An explosive palette of Digital tones, Planetary Pastels and variations on White, create the base for New Classic prints and Optical graphics. The new 2010 collection completes the Home world to experience the Versace lifestyle.”

We found out the items in this collection are produced in limited edition and that Versace manufactures them on request. In this post we put together a virtual tour of the Home collection. Enjoy!

Medusa logo on Versace Mirror

The “Harem” Chair by Versace

The “Rosenthal Room” by Versace

For more information or for purchasing any of these products online, you can go here. We hope you enjoyed our virtual tour and stay tuned for more interesting design ideas we found in Milan.