This modern 220 squared meters apartment with 3 child bedrooms, a master bedroom, a large living room with fire place including a piano area, a full bath, and a modern kitchen was designed by TECTUS DESIGN Interiors and is located in Heraklion, Greece. The main concept of this project is to create a relaxing environment for the owners. The interior of the apartment follows the same colors and the dominance of natural materials. The floor is covered totally with wood. The living room occupies a wide space open to the exterior sea sight view, through glass panels. A wall is covered with wooden shelves and LED lighting. The light brown leather sofa, called Buxter is combined with a modern circular coffee-table and leather stools. In the dining room the large Marcezi table is set with eight leather chair. Between the living and dining room there is a screen of LCD TV and a set of stereo, which can be rotate at both of these two areas. Finally, in the luxury master bedroom we can see a minimal jacuzzi covered with highlight glass.