If you liked the cardboard box bed sheets that I posted back in 2008, then you’re going to like this new project from SNURK that makes your bed look like the sidewalk pavement. This clever bedding company, Snurk, has designed a set of sheets that look as if you’re sleeping on the pavement. The environmentally-friendly sheets are digitally printed for optimal quality and a portion of the proceedes ( 40% ) will go to help the homeless. This concrete illusion is made from 100% cotton and a large portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to SZN, the foundation for homeless youngsters in the Netherlands. Though nothing more than novelty bedroom attire, the Le Trottoir Bed Sheets are so realistic looking, you’ll swear you have a piece of pavement on your box spring. – Thanks Peggy van Neer for the suggestion ( via email ).