Powerkiss is a Finnish company whose slogan is “you are the future”. Fair enough, considering that they come up with designs which bring the future closer, at least in technology. Here is some information on the official website explaining what they do: “Powerkiss has developed an integrated wireless charging solution, which converts basic furniture into smart energy platforms. To juice up your gadgets, you only need to place them on the surface of the furniture, just like you would do anyway.”  This particular design can charge mobile phones and it consists of two communicating items, one that is integrated in the furniture and the other- a small electronic device- that gets plugged into the phone. This way charging takes place in a wireless mode, keeping in mind that the user has to be at a relatively close distance to the transmitter. Looking forward to this gizmo heading your way?-via Springwise.com

That mobile phone charging is a universal nuisance is underscored by all the many efforts we’ve seen to alleviate the pain, including harnessing the wind, the sun, bicycles, dancers and foot pumps to make it easier. With similar intentions, Finnish Powerkiss