We found these interesting looking chairs and we though something like this would be nice to have around in a large room for a home theater system. Elegant and functional, it could go well in a private home as well as in an office. We did some research and discovered that Kube comes from EOOS and was created mainly for public events. Still, private use can not be ruled out either. Here is more information regarding the design from the producers : “As the seats can be folded up and down, the impression created when the seats are not in use and folded away is “not that of empty chairs, but of floating partitions with no human imprint” (Gernot). The backs of the seats feature not only folding tables, but also all the lighting and audio equipment the conference participants need. ” What we don’t like about it, is the stiff feel and the lack of warmth. But you sure can not mess with its functionality!