From architect Marcio Kogan, in collaboration with a few others talented artists, comes this amazing design, a project called Gama Issa House and located in São Paulo, Brasil. Here is an excerpt of Marcio’s journal, of how the idea for creating this home took off in the first place: ” I think of a single enormous volume wrapping everything: a white box. In São Paulo, we don’t need to be concerned about environmental coherence; it is total chaos, the most absolute chaos. In this city, the world’s ugliest, which overflows energy, vibrant like no other, loved and hated, anything that is projected will be totally integrated into the city. Ah, yes, don’t let me forget an enormous wall protecting the house, covered in natural wood (maybe from the last tree of the Amazon), and which, certainly, will be completely covered by graffiti, giving the final touch in perfect harmony with the environment.”

Even though this place was inspired by the environment’s incoherence, Gama Issa House turned out to have a very harmonious look and proportions. The beautiful white house is shaped as a parallelogram and has giant windows for a  more intense effect. It has two levels and four symmetric storage spaces. A large wooden gliding wall opens and then closes for protection.  We hope you will enjoy this as much as we did.-via Yatzer