Costing over $15 million, this giant residence,Jennifer Aniston’s latest “friends” hang-out place, is located in Beverly Hills.The initial project (the house that the actress bought) was built in the 70’s, but recently, Jennifer had a do-over, by hiring a specialized team of architects and designers. The mansion is meant to set an example on the Eco-housing market, as it features plenty of solar panels, a reflective metal roof and even drought-resistant plants in the garden. The house has 9,000 square foot and no less than six-bedroom and seven bathrooms. The interior is flashy and colorful, designed by Hal Levitt, a very known artist in the world of Hollywood homes. The unusual and vivid furniture is combined with many lighting effects. What do you think of this home? Please take a look at the pictures and tell us your opinion.-via 1, 2