When I first saw this video I thought that this technology is really cool, but I didn’t wanted to post about it here on Freshome. After some time after I’ve saw this video again and I really thought that this could be the future of magazines. Now I’m thinking how Freshome.com will look like on such a tablet …this technology is amazing. If you want to see this technology in action take a look at this video from Time Inc and The Wonderfactory attached bellow. And with the imminent release of Apple’s own tablet, the future may be closer than we think. Magazine publishers seem to already be getting on board with the concept of a media tablet even based on just the possibility that Apple will enter the market in the near future. The latest concept design comes from Time Inc who developed this design prototype to show off their plans. 

The video features a floating hand walking the viewer though the format’s various features and capabilities including: multi-touch controls, live links and sports scores, multimedia content and advertisements, and sharing though social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. What do you think about this technology ? I personally can’t wait to put my hands on something like this.