From  Sociedad Anónima Arquitectos, CASAOPTIMA is located in Santiago, Chile and comes to show us a successful mix between a modern architecture, interior design and sustainability.  it is a do-over of an old French-style housing from the 40’s. The architects  turned it into an area of 5 apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms. As we already mentioned, this residence is also environmental friendly. Here are some words from its developers regarding this matter: “The goal is to revitalize the old houses CASAOPTIMA and incorporate new technologies that bring benefits to its residents such as energy savings through solar panels and water saving devices incorporated to help reduce consumption.  They are also buildings that are environmentally friendly because they include containers for recycling garbage” and this house, as you can see is equipped with such devices. Freshome encourages sustainability and we will try to show you a lot of similar homes in the future. –via