This house was the first project completed by Stockholm, Sweden-based architecture firm WRB, and the house earned a lot of attention among others received the Swedish Wood Award for year 2000. The house is a leisure house for a couple in their 60’s and built for year around use. The building was thought of as a tool to help explore the qualities and sensations of the site and surrounding nature.Through a conscious handling of the daylight on naked surfaces and shading laths the mode of climate and weather outside always becomes present inside. The theme for the plan has been to divide the house into different zones, the use of which depends on the climate and the condition of the weather. The main functions and concentrated in a core area which is well insulated and can be heated in winter. During warmer periods the habitable area can be extended to the adjoining veranda and hallway which are heated only by solar radiation. A glazed canopy on horizontal laths provides yet another sheltered zone along the facade.