Daniel Miese, an Austrialian designer with an interesting focus on heavy, study materials, developed three strong and in some ways forceful table designs called Bone, Bridge and Together, respectively.  First, the Bone table is a interestingly angled low-sitting piece that would be perfect for an urban retrofit loft (especially one with expose concrete and brick elements).  The hollow Bridge table is reminiscent of plastic furniture designs of the 1960s, but the study, heavy quality of the concrete give it an undeniably natural feeling.  Lastly, the hard lines and old stone-cut mimicked quality of the Together table could have just as easily be placed in a living room as outside in a patio or garden.  Each developed from a quick-drying concrete that only covers the outer surface, these tables are advertised as much lighter than they appear.  Here’s hoping, I definitely wouldn’t want to try and move heavy concrete furniture around.