We know that you can’t hardly wait to do your Christmas shopping and get that tree ready for the holidays. We tried to do a little research and come up with some good tips on how your tree can really shine and maybe contribute a little to your inner joy. In the next post we will share some ideas that we came across.

Choosing your tree. Here on Freshome we usually recommend green and sustainable thinking. Therefore, our advice is getting an artificial Christmas tree. This way you will be able to fight for a cause, but also have access to a large variety of options. You will be surprised of how many types of artificial trees are there and how well some of them can go with your place. We know, everybody likes the smell of a fresh tree in their apartment, which is why, if you actually decide to go for this latter alternative, here are some ideas: keep your tree fresh as much as possible by cutting the stump and placing it in a special water recipient, which you can then hide. We also read that placing some light corn syrup in the water will help prolong his life.  Also try to change the water at least once every two day.Try to decorate from the inside out. This means you will have to first place ornaments on the base of the tree first, and slowly move toward the rest of the branches.

Ornaments.There are two ways you can approach this “issue.” Either be creative, buy some pretty lights and make the decorations yourself (even chains of popcorn will do) or go outside and get a mix of cool stuff that go together and would make for an awesome tree. We know we don’t have to tell you that shopping has to be made in advance, in order to avoid huge lines. Also, the lighting system should be the one that you place on the tree first, then simply add the garlands and ornaments. There is no limitation here, it is your tree, do whatever makes you happy. That includes decorating it with your loved ones.