Deformscape” is a recent project from Thom Faulders, founder of  Faulders Studio, an architecture company from the US. The project is in fact an interesting outdoor pattern that was created in order to bring something fresh to a house in San Francisco. We quote from the designer’s website: “This limited space outdoor sculpture garden inherits a large tree, and uses this sole arboreal presence to establish a gravitational pattern of grooves that are focused towards the tree’s centroid. […] To generate the resultant pattern, a 3-dimensional bulge is formed around the tree, and its distorted wire-grid projected onto a 2-dimensional surface.

Taking into account appearance effects created by perspective views from inside, the resultant planar surface appears sink around the tree.”  If this project were implemented inside, it would probably not rise so much interest, However, being as it had to deal with opportunities existing in the environment, we consider that the idea behind is is very creative and original. What do you think?