Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has recently been open and in short time became a modern symbol of Istanbul and Turkey. This is probably due to the fact that the building is not only a terminal, but currently the world’s largest earthquake-proof building as well. The structure has a stunning 2 million square feet surface and is able to resist a 8.0 magnitude earthquake without suffering major damage. Was this building necessary in Istanbul? Yes. If you recall, there was a devastating earthquake in this area  not long ago, in 1999,with thousands of people who suffered and incommensurable damage.

This is because Turkey is located at the confluence of Arabian, African, and Eurasian plates, which makes it one of the areas with high risks in this matter. This building was created using computer simulations and the building was designed as a single unit. Here is some information from the engineers of the project (Arup):”“What an isolation system does is that it enables the building to move through large displacements in unison, and in doing that, you absorb earthquake energy”. Turkey is not the only country that has to confront this problem and we are expecting more and more similar building designs in the future. – via