Located in the middle of a desert site, building this structure must have definitely not been an easy job. However, the team from Ehrlich Architects took advantage of some of the “qualities” of this place (lying deep in the Persian Gulf) such as the existence of desalinated water and built this residence. It rises today as an oasis of technology, having all the utilities, even a large pool, standing in defiance of what we knew about the concept of living in the desert. The project was developed in the heart of the Arabic world (must we say more?) and its surface is no less than of 35,ooo square feet. The pool was built indoors in order to “fight” the high temperatures of the area and keep the place cool. The house itself is surrounded by palm-trees. Islamic patterns can be seen embedded in the interior design. With this new breakthrough, living in the desert doesn’t sound so bad any more, does it?

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