More than simply a light fixture, New York designer Mark Tremonto’s ribbon-like Carbon 451 Lamp is the centerpiece for an interior space that really needs a cool focal point.  Designed from carbon fiber, the same reinforced plastic that manufacturers use to create car doors and reinforce helicopter tails, the Carbon 451 Lamp almost seems more like a chandelier: cleanly hanging in its own spectacle from the ceiling of a tall space.  Because of the lightness of the material, the lamp has the ability to look weightless, and the decorative curvy design is so striking that it almost looks like it should be made of fabric.  What I personally enjoy is the fact that the polished surface is so reflective that you can actually see reflections of the light in the small, inner curving spaces.  If you’re into fashion and want something durable, this may very well be the light fixture you’ve been waiting all your life for. – via