If you are the kind of person who really want to annoy your neighbor then you have to see this amazing piece of technology. The Wall of Sound (WOS) by Brothers is a huge iPod speaker that measures 950mm x 1250mm x 300mm and weighing 102 Kg. The speaker boasts 28 elements, an iPod dock, and a frequency response of 40Hz – 20,00kHz, and can rock up to around 125 watts. It even has its own tube amplifier hidden away inside and yes, that tiny protrusion on the side is an iPod dock. What scares us particularly about “the world’s most powerful iPod speaker” is the price – from $4495 plus shipping ( because the weight is around 102 kilo ). The Wall of Sound (WOS) Giant iPod Speaker is currently available for pre-order from here. I’m wondering how many of you have space for an Ipod Speaker like this in their homes ? – Via – Geek & PL