Clearly not intimidated by a design challenge, British table mathematician, designer and artist Anthony Leyland has developed these creative tables sliced, bent, shaped and reworked from a single 1-square meter sheet of steel.  Powder-coated for color, Manifold (the title of this line) originally began as a mathematical game to try and try and develop a simple coffee table from a square sheet of metal.  From there, it grew into several styles with several designs that each have their own unique forms which are clearly developed from pretty innocuous materials.  As these are developed from sheets of steel, the Manifold tables would be a great addition to a home garden or deck.  I don’t know if you have the space to collect the whole set of 42 he has detailed on his website, but at the very least you’d have the option to pick out a very original and set signature Anthony Leyland table design for yourself!