If decorating your walls gives you a hard time, we found an easy way out. These lovely stainless steal decorative tiles come from Artecnica, they are designed by Tord Boontje and they are called “Puddles”.  The shapes are medium in size and can be easily glued to any surface. Ceilings and floors are not to be neglected, as these lovely self-adhesive shapes could completely transform the way they look. A very handy solution with a great result, or at least this is our opinion. The prices for each tile vary from $18 to $31 which is really not that much considering the transformation. Here are some words from the designer Tord Boontje: “Just like clouds, puddles are very imaginative in making their own shapes, sometimes they like to look like flowers, sometimes like butterflies or birds, or sometimes just like blobs.”

dragonfly tiles