Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famed American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 projects, which resulted in more than 500 completed works. He is best known for designing Fallingwater. Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house Fallingwater have long been able to visit the architect’s modernist masterpiece as a museum, but soon they can enjoy the house almost as if they were living in it. Right now regular visitors pay $18 admission to visit the house, but for $1,195, these exclusive visitors will feel what living in Fallingwater is truly like, although they will sleep in a new Frank Lloyd Wright style home on the property grounds. Four million people have visited the home since it’s public open, about ninety minutes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now for that exclusive price tag you can have a new unique ( and expensive ) experience. You can find more info about this from here. – Via – Reuters